Time is of the essence

At FEM we understand the inherent value of time and the ability to accomplish difficult tasks in an efficient manner. FEM strives to implement innovative solutions without reinventing the wheel which translates to a more streamlined approach. Our team has been specially hand-picked and comes to FEM with many years of extremely diversified experience.

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Diversity and Expansion

FEM enjoys a diverse investment portfolio ranging from companies involved with real estate, high technology, banking and finance to HR recruiting, assessment and direct placement. FEM has a global presence with offices in Europe, Asia and North America and is always open to explore new business opportunities in new places.

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Strength and Capability

FEM leverages its team members' individual experience to enhance its image as a whole. With strong, solid experience comes a unique ability to react expediently and intelligently to rapidly changing market conditions. This agility is what distinguishes FEM and is a large part of what defines FEM's philosophy.

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About us

FEM manages the investments of selected equity partners around the world.

Currently the FEM portfolio compromises 9 operating companies in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and United States.

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Our mission

“Encourage professionalism, integrity and quality”

As stated above Forrest Equity Management has validated its mission statement on December 2006. Investor trust is a key to successfully developing the collective investment business.

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Our people

Donal Bailey

Mr. Bailey is a well known venture capital investment manager and has led this equity fund since 2003.

Devraj, Fund Advisor

Devraj heads up several business consortiums in Asia operating in the sectors of power, energy and real estate.

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Our companies

Money Express

Money Express Sp. z o.o. is operating on the Warsaw market issuing cash loans in clients’ homes, within 48 hours of their inquiry with minimal formalities.

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